ISTDP Core Training is a three-year program, with your commitment to the program renewable annually and dependent on your progress and attendance. Training spots are available for people in Year 1, Year 2 or Year 3 of their training. The program consists of two components:

1) Didactic Training is comprised of six (6) meetings per year where the core concepts of ISTDP will be taught with the aid of video recordings from ISTDP sessions. As the training group is small, there is ample opportunity for questions and discussion to ensure that you fully understand each component.

You will not be permitted to audio or video record any aspect of these meetings due to the nature of material being presented and the need for confidentiality of patient information. You will be provided with the teaching material (e.g., PowerPoint slides). An outline of the contents of the Core Training Program is provided. Costs of attending the Didactic Training days (e.g., airfares, transfers, accommodation) are in addition to the fees for Core Training and are the responsibility of the trainee.

2) Practical Training is provided in a group setting and consists of 12 meetings per year. You are required to present video of actual treatment sessions from your practice where you apply ISTDP principles/techniques. Therefore, patients will need to have consented to the use of their treatment for your training purposes. The video recording can be provided on a secure SD Card, USB Stick, or an external USB Hard Drive (all formatted to Mac OS X or exFat), or via DropBox. The practical training will be conducted as a whole group or split into smaller groups depending on numbers.

Online and In Person

All training is run out of The ISTDP Clinic in Glen Iris (Melbourne), but the training is also accessible online (via Zoom). Members of the training program can attend in person or online (or a mix of both), but will be required to attend all components of the training (i.e., didactic and practical).

The training is led by Dr Dion Nowoweiski with additional contributions from experienced ISTDP practitioners when available.

The dates for the annual training blocks will be provided on application. Participants must be registered health care professionals and transfers from other programs may be considered. You must be able to video record your clinical work and to present this work for review purposes. If you are interested in this training opportunity, please contact Dr Dion Nowoweiski and send your Curriculum Vitae.

Fees: Available on Request

Dates: February – Nov 2024

Location: The ISTDP Clinic (Glen Iris, Melbourne) and Online (via Zoom).

Internet-based ISTDP Consultations

Dr Dion Nowoweiski is available to provide individual and group consultations in ISTDP. An “ISTDP consult” is available to any registered mental health professional with internet access and a webcam who has access to a broadband internet connection and a computer with a webcam (basically any reasonable computer purchased in the last 2-3 years). You need to have permission to video recording at least one or two cases for consultation purposes. This is because training in ISTDP more effective when we can review the moment-to-moment interventions and responses rather than simply discussing cases from a theoretical perspective alone.

If you would like more information or to discuss commencing internet-based ISTDP consult, please contact Dr Dion Nowoweiski